Frm stands for financial risk manager . This exam has been conducted by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). GARP informed us how to take risk decisions. They educate and inform risk professionals at all levels, from those beginning their careers in risk to those leading risk programs at the largest financial institutions across the globe, to regulators that govern them. GARP sets the global standard in professional certification with the Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) and Energy Risk Professional (ERP) certifications. These programs are rigorous and very well respected across the globe. By demonstrating expertise and commitment to better risk management practices, Certified FRMs and ERPs stand apart in their respective organisations.


As such, there are no minimum eligibility requirements to write the exam.

Even an undergraduate (Final Year of Graduation) is eligible to give the FRM Part 1 exam.

You can take the FRM Part 2 only when you complete the FRM part -1 exam.


This exam has been conducted in two part , part 1 and part 2. It has multiple choice format, this exam is conducted in twice a year in May and November, at over 100 exam sites around the world.

Part I

A 100 multiple-choice exam, the FRM Exam Part I focuses on the tools used to assess financial risk: quantitative analysis, foundations of risk management, financial markets and products, and valuation and risk models. Part I is always offered in the morning and must be completed in four hours or less.

Part II

The FRM Exam Part II is an 80 question multiple-choice exam, emphasizing the application of the tools acquired in Part I: market, credit, operational and integrated risk management, investment management as well as current market issues. Part II is always offered in the afternoon and must be completed in four hours or less.


Exam fees is quite expensive. The fee for registration would be taken in the amount of Exam Early Registration is $350 and Exam Standard Registration is $475, Exam Late Registration fee is $650. The registration is capable online for the registration. The registration would be scheduled on the dates on continuity month.


Analytics Client Consultant – Risk Management Analytics

Risk Management Analytics Consultant

Risk Manager, Personal Banking

Corporate Risk – Managing Director – COO & Risk Officer for Global Asset Liability Management

Risk Quantification Manager

Manager, Operational Risk Advisory and Oversight for Wealth Management

Large Enterprise Commercial Risk Manager

Senior Operational Risk Manager

Credit risk specialists

Market risk specialists

Operational risk analysts

Regulatory risk analysts

Risk Manager, Prudential Risk

Enterprise Risk Manager


Financial risk managers in the USA can earn anywhere between US$ 100,000 and US$ 250,000. They normally receive various fringe benefits, which include pensions after retirement, health and life insurance as well as paid vacations. The average salary of frm in India is INR 900,000.